Periodization Training

Robert Forster, CEO & Founder of Phase IV and Forster Physical Therapy has teamed with Herbalife to create a fitness program called Herbalife 24Fit.

Robert has a successful history of helping motivated athletes of all abilities and ages, in all sports, attain their performance goals, and do it injury free. Phase IV programs have been utilized for 25 years to help create dozens of Olympic gold medalists, NBA champions, Ironman world record holders, Wimbledon and US Open champions. In the process numerous world records have been set. Some of his clients: Pete Samprasa and Maria Sharapova. Working with Coach Bob Kersee and his professional Track and Field team, Forster has helped athletes such as Jackie Joyner Kersee, Florence “Flo-Jo” Joyner, Greg Foster, Allyson Felix, Andre Phillips and their teammates to win 32 Olympic Medals and set numerous world records over the last six Olympic Games.

Working with  Olympic medalists, US Open & Wimbledon champions, NBA superstars and triathlon world record holders, Forster encountered countless ill-advised and erroneous training programs that actually caused injury, and didn’t result in improvement.

Why 24Fit Periodization Training?

  1. 24Fit gradually increases in intensity so you dont workout harder you workout smarter.
  2. Addresses common vulnerabilities of the human body regardless of age or previous activity level. Herbalife24FIT is a program of handpicked exercises proven to make your body more resilient to injury. It also includes built-in rest days to allow for recovery and make your body stronger
  3. Periodisation training principles so you need to sequence your training, to develop one aspect of fitness at a time and then use that as a foundation to build the next.  And principles which recognises that all exercise is much less effective if rest and recovery periods are not provided. You will spend time building a broad base of structural infrastucture, bringing us to the next point
  4. Establishes stability and flexibility before your you move onto the later phases of building strength and power.  Phase 1 on the 24 fit program covers joint stability where the body is hardened against injury. This involves the use of light weights and other exercises to strengthen all the little “helper muscles” around the joints, which, along with a lot of stretching insures that each joint is functioning properly.  What Robert Forster also describes as “Kevlar Training“.
  5. Improve posture with 24Fit. Standing up straight can improve breathing and digestion. And uses less energy.
  6. Includes flexibility exercises, strength training and metabolic workouts.
  7. Workout lasts for 30 mins, the time it would take you “get ready” to drive to the gym and back!. This length of workout is achievable over time. “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”
  8. You will be less likely to quit Herbalife24FIT once you get started because it follows scientific training principles. The program progresses your fitness naturally, so that you not only keep going, but never want to stop!
  9. Your body will become a more efficient calorie-burning machine, so you are going to burn more calories all day – whether you are at work, at play or even whilst you sleep
  10. Over the 24 week programme, during the 3 seperate phases trains your body to burn fat instead of carbs, by progressing from lower intensity exercise to higher intensity exercise. And by including both metabolic and strength training workouts. Train your body to use fat as a fuel supply.
  11. Has 3 levels of difficulty so any age, any condition, anyone can build a better body!
  12. Leading fitness experts have developed the programme and provided instruction for: Robert Forster, Tom Holland and Samantha Clayton
  13. Robert Forster a physical therapist for 30 years has worked with top atheltes such as Pete Sampras and Allyson Felix as well as clients looking to burn fat.
  14. Wellness solution, rather than just and exercise solution. Option of using personalised nutrition intake to get optimum results.
  15. Focussed on measurable results, unlike most health and fitness clubs!
  16. Its a 24 week programme, with 12 DVDs plus the intro DVD.
  17. Buy 24Fit Workout DVDs

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