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Scott Jorgensen – My journey to 125lb Flyweight division.

A look into the science of Robert Forster and his Phase  IV  Training and Performance Centre and how they made Scott Jorgensen a 125lber. “Thanks to Bob and Aishea for their science and everything they have helped me realize. Train

Joe Warren – MMA Fighter – The Science Behind The Training

Joe Warren, MMA fighter speaks on Spike TV’s Unrivaled series about using the science,  developed by Robert Forster  a world class exercise physiologist, to peak his fitness for his next fight. For example, better fat utilisation so using less lactic

MMA Training Science

Whilist MMA is a high intensity sports it doesnt require training that is high intensity all the time.  Periodization training builds fitness in a rational sequence. Get fit and lose body fat for a fight. Works on the fat burning